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APPLE REMOVES SIM CARDS. Should I be concerned?

Should I be concerned? Does this mean I won’t be able to Use

Cellular networks?

There is no need to be concerned if you live in America However if you reside outside the US

this might be a bit of a concern. Removing sim cards is a new step to another revolutionary

technology called E-sim.

Which is basically getting a cellular network and services directly to your phone without needing a physical sim card. The iPhone 14 series supports dual E-sim cards. Among which one

can be used for business and other for personal use.

For those developing countries outside the US , especially Asian countries like: Nepal, india.

The Apple lovers must be careful this time.

Many customers tend to buy phones from the USA as it

is a bit cheaper and gets released first

in the USA. This time, however, one must be careful to research their network

providers and verify whether they have the E sim technology available for their country.

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