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I have changed my mind. I am giving phone to my kids. Story!


There has always been a debate about whether we should give phones to children. We all have seen how the phone has been such an addicting device to the little ones but what I am about to say might shock you, make you worried, and be willing to give phones to the kids.

Last Friday, one of our employees at One Stop Wireless had an emergency. He/She got a call that the school his/her kids were going to, had a school shooting alert. The employee got to the school and waited for hours in the vehicle. The kids were locked inside for multiple hours. His/Her son called and was crying on the phone while being inside with his classmates and teacher. After some time, the kids were freed and the employee got his/her kids.

Luckily, it was a false alarm and this kind of hoax is going nation wide for some reason.

However, this made me realize why we need to give phones to kids especially while they are not at home. Sad what we are going through, it just seems bizarre but giving a cellphone that will help us to stay in touch with our kids is a way to do it. It will be a relief.

Take care folks! Happy October!

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