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Repair or Buy a new phone?

Something just happened to your phone and you are wondering whether you want to fix it or completely buy a new one?

Many times customers are confused about whether they need a new device or whether they can work with the same device with some repair. In such cases, we mostly see what kind of device, brand, and model it is. We also see whether it is fixable or not. Common phones such as Samsung, and iPhone are very easy to be fixed.; especially their LCD and battery issues.

If the mode is kind of a new one and is fixable, we recommend customers not to spend money on the new device and do the necessary repair and use it for some months or years but if the device model is old, the parts are expensive and if the repair is a bit difficult, we recommend the customer to get a newer model. Especially as many carriers such as T-Mobile and AT&T are telling their customer to upgrade from their early 20's phones to have better coverage of the 5G network if you have an older model and are also having issues with low quality of network service. You can purchase a new one.

For customers who don't want to break big banks to purchase new phones and are okay with used and refurbished phones, One Stop Wireless has used phones and in our inventory, we have phones from unlocked to one that is carrier-locked such as T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T. Prices start affordable such as $99 till $1200. Call us and visit to see what is available. No credit check financing is available by Acima Leasing.

One Stop Wireless

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