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Mobile phones are the future, They are everywhere and will continue to grow in the near future.

They have replaced most of the other gadgets like watches, alarm clocks, and telephones and

nowadays they are on the verge of replacing cameras(personal). The camera has now become

a key feature for mobile phones in this world of social media and selfies customers want the

best camera on their device, the camera has now become a major specification of a mobile

phone. Just like processor, RAM, and storage customers also check the camera quality before

buying any mobile ”Megapixels” and we tend to believe in it. We assume the bigger the better

which applies to most of the technical specifications thus, due to this mindset and a lot of

marketing by mobile phone manufacturers most of us believe that the greater the megapixels of

a camera the better it is. But if we compare the megapixels of a budget 400$ phone to that of a

flagship phone like the iPhone 13 the budget phone has better megapixels, So what is the truth

behind megapixels in a camera? Watch till the end to find out. So, Let’s get started

So what are megapixels? To understand that we must understand the basics of how a digital

photo is made, Every photo we see in digital form if we zoom in we will see small boxes of

certain colors which are called pixels. When many of these boxes of different colors combine

they form a clear picture that we see on the screen. They are the building blocks of a picture

and the total number of these blocks is termed megapixels. 1 megapixel equals one million

pixels. For example, a 40 MP means that the photo consists of 40 million pixels.

So one might be tempted to believe the higher the Megapixels of a camera the better photos it

will produce but that’s not the complete truth.

Mega Pixels represent the resolution of a picture and to some extent, they are very useful as

more resolution helps to produce a more detailed picture. High pixels help to overcome

pixelation which is the loss of pixels when an image is enlarged. High resolution or pixels can

come in very handy if we are to print a certain image in a very large size because more pixels

help to maintain the quality of the picture when it is zoomed. So more pixels give us a more

detailed high-quality image. Then why is a budget smartphone with 48 or 64 or 108 megapixels

can’t overperform the 12 MP camera used in I phones?

This is where the real trick comes to play. so these pixels are basically the pixels of the sensor

which is the most important component of the camera that determines the quality of our

pictures, and the actual megapixels of a camera are the megapixels of its sensor. So, does this

mean a 64MP camera has a 64 MP sensor inside? This is actually true but there’s a twist to it.

As marketing has tricked us into believing in the power of high megapixels, companies want to

add more MP to their device camera so they can advertise their phones as better camera

phones than their competitors but they don’t do that by upgrading to a better sensor rather they

sub-divide the current pixels of a camera which automatically increases the total pixels.

For eg: A 12 Mp camera sensor is taken and its individual pixels are further subdivided into 4

small pixels which automatically makes the camera 48MP on paper but the actual quality of the

image is still the original 12 MP.

This is the reason flagship phones like the I phone 13 have a 12 MP camera with big pixels, a

better sensor, and a good algorithm that easily outperforms a budget smartphone with very high

megapixels. The same is the case with DSLRs a 12 MP DSLR camera outperforms an I

phone’s camera as the size of the sensor in a DSLR camera is very big. This is also the reason

why the professional photography market is fully occupied by DSLR cameras, not mobile

phones. So next time you want to compare a camera don’t use the megapixels advertised by

the manufacturer, but rather compare the sensors used.

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