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What is LCD? How can it be damaged?

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) is the most common type of screen in most mobile phones. The smallest part of the LCD is called the pixels. It uses low power but has better quality. There are other types of screens that phone companies use such as (LED) Light-Emitting Diode and (AMOLED) Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diodes.

LCDs are easy to read. They are visible under the sunlight too. The fact that they are lighter than the backlit monochrome graphic LCD in the classic Nokia 3310 can be easily cracked. That's why it is necessary to have a screen protector which might save you a couple of bucks or maybe hundreds of dollars.

LCD can be damaged by dropping the phone, by extreme heat, dust, and sunlight. When they are damaged, it is best to take them to a mobile repair technician as repairing can be tricky. One might unplug the small wires and might ruin the whole function of the device. One also needs to be careful of the LCD screen itself especially when they are cracked as a cracked screen will have very micro-glass particles which can cause injury.

So leave your repairmen to the expert. Call us to know about the prices for your LCD replacement.

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